Plastic Capillaries for Blood Gas

In vitro diagnostic medical device for capillary blood sampling collection with or without an anticoagulant, sample container for collecting and dispensing human blood samples for subsequent pH/blood gas, oximetry, electrolyte, and metabolite analyses

Optimized blood flow and capillary filling due to evenly applied anticoagulant coating

Prevented coagulation of the sample during handling by use of balanced lithium heparin

Minimum level of gas permeability ensured by the use of chemically neutral plastic

Protection of user and patient by the use of unbreakable material

Available in the following concentrations of lithium heparin (balanced):
~50 I.U. / ml, ~100 I.U. / ml and ~200 I.U. / ml

Established plastic dispenser box or resealable cardboard tube

Concentration of
lithium heparin
LengthOuter øPackaging
~80 μl~50 I.U. / ml~100 mm~1,65 mm10 x 100DB104110
~90 μl~50 I.U. / ml~80 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101080
~100 μl~50 I.U. / ml~90 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101090
~110 μl~50 I.U. / ml~100 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101100
~130 µl~50 I.U. / ml~120 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101120
~140 µl~50 I.U. / ml~90 mm~2,33 mm10 x 100DB102090
~155 µl~50 I.U. / ml~100 mm~2,33 mm10 x 100DB102100
~185 µl~50 I.U. / ml~120 mm~2,33 mm10 x 100DB102120
~50 µl~100 I.U. / ml~75 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB107076
~60 µl~100 I.U. / ml~55 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101061
~70 µl~100 I.U. / ml~45 mm~1,95 mm10 x 100DB101970
~70 µl~100 I.U. / ml~64 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB104056
>80 µl~100 I.U. / ml~80 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101071
~80 µl~100 I.U. / ml~54 mm~1,95 mm10 x 100DB102118
~100 µl~100 I.U. / ml~90 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101091
~110 µl~100 I.U. / ml~100 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101104
~115 µl~100 I.U. / ml~78 mm~1,95 mm10 x 100DB102117
~130 µl~100 I.U. / ml~120 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101122
~140 µl~100 I.U. / ml~116 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101115
~140 µl~100 I.U. / ml~90 mm~2,33 mm10 x 100DB102091
~150 µl~100 I.U. / ml~100 mm~1,95 mm10 x 100DB102116
~165 µl~100 I.U. / ml~150 mm~1,75 mm4 x 250CT101151-250
~170 µl~100 I.U. / ml~100 mm~2,00 mm10 x 100DB105107
~180 µl~100 I.U. / ml~120 mm~1,95 mm10 x 100DB102119
~185 µl~100 I.U. / ml~120 mm~2,33 mm10 x 100DB102125
~200 µl~100 I.U. / ml~180 mm~1,75 mm4 x 250CT101181-250
~230 µl~100 I.U. / ml~150 mm~2,33 mm5 x 200CT102155-200
~90 µl~200 I.U. / ml~80 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100DB101082
~185 µl~200 I.U. / ml~120 mm~2,33 mm10 x 100DB102122

* dispenser box / CT = Cardboard tube

DescriptionPackaging pcs.REF
Capillary-Kit consisting of:
Plastic capillaries for blood gas REF: 105107 – 200 pieces
Mixing Sticks REF: 110009 – 200 pieces
Six-edge Closing Caps REF: 110181 – 400 pieces
Mixing Magnet REF: 110080 – 1 piece

Plastic Capillaries plain (without anticoagulants)

Capillary volumePreparationLengthOuter øPackaging pcs.Packed in*REF
~50 µlplain~75 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100SD106075
~80 μlplain~100 mm~1,65 mm10 x 100SD104111
~115 μlplain~78 mm~1.95 mm10x100DB102017