Plastic Capillaries end-to-end

In vitro diagnostic medical device, sample container for blood collection and dispense of capillary blood samples from the human body for in vitro diagnosis

Use of unbreakable and chemical neutral plastic ensures safety for patient and user

Evenly coated with anticoagulant optimises blood flow and capillary filling

Prevention of blood clotting while sample handling by using Natrium-Heparin and EDTA as coating

Measurement accuracy of variation coefficient (CV) < 1%

Colour-coding of the dispenser box helps to easily identify the required capillary volume

DescriptionCapillary volumeColour codingLengthPackaging pcs.REF Na-HeparinREF EDTAREF plain
5 μlwhite~30 mm10 x 100100005-100006
10 μlorange~30 mm10 x 100100010--
20 μlblack~30 mm10 x 100100020100120100022