Plastic Capillaries end-to-end

In vitro diagnostic medical device for capillary blood sampling collection with or without anticoagulant, sample container for collection and dispensing of human blood samples for in-vitro diagnostic analyses

Protection of the user and patient by the use of unbreakable, chemically neutral plastic material

Optimized blood flow and capillary filling due to the evenly applied anticoagulant coating

Prevented coagulation of the sample during handling by the use of sodium heparin or EDTA

The measurement actuary of the plastic capillaries end-to-end has a coefficient of variation (CV) of <1%

Capillary volume identification via clear colour coding of the dispenser box

DescriptionCapillary volumeColour codingLengthPackaging pcsREF Na HeparinREF EDTAREF neutral
5 μlwhite~30 mm10 x 100100005-100006
10 μlorange~30 mm10 x 100100010--
20 μlblack~30 mm10 x 100100020100120100022