Plastic Blood Gas Capillaries

Plastic Blood Gas Capillaries

In vitro diagnostic medical device for capillary blood collection for pH/blood gas, oximetry, electrolyte and metabolite analysis.

SC’s plastic blood gas capillaries feature even coating with balanced heparin and an optimized blood flow. The special treatment of the plastic blood gas capillaries with anticoagulant provides the basis for prevention of blood clotting during blood collection. This facilitates the diagnostic process on modern analysers.

The risk of injury and infection for all participants during the blood collection process is minimized thanks to the unbreakable and flexible construction of the plastic blood gas capillaries.

The SC plastic blood gas capillaries are made of chemically neutral plastic with minimal gas-permeability. For all intended uses in which glass capillaries would be a safety risk, plastic blood gas capillaries are the optimum solution.

The plastic blood gas capillaries are heparinised as standard with ~50 I.U./ml or ~100 I.U./ml. Other heparin concentrations are available on request.

The practicality of the hygienic round plastic dispenser box has stood the test of time and is the established type of packaging. Each dispenser contains 100 plastic blood gas capillaries. The capillaries can easily be extracted using the practical capillary holder which helps avoid direct contact.

As an alternative to the round plastic dispenser box SC plastic blood gas capillaries are now also available in a large-volume, environmentally friendly cardboard tube box. The re-closable box contains 250 capillaries, thus minimising storage space and handling effort at the point of care.

SC Sanguis is specialised in developing individual, customised options for sample volume, labelling and anticoagulant coating for plastic capillaries. Custom-made production is our profession.

~90 μl~50 I.U.~80 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100SD101080
~100 μl~50 I.U.~90 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100SD101090
~110 μl~50 I.U.~100 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100SD101100
~130 μl~50 I.U.~120 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100SD101120
~165 μl~50 I.U.~150 mm~1,75 mm4 x 250SD101150
~200 μl~50 I.U.~180 mm~1,75 mm4 x 250SD101180
~140 μl~50 I.U.~90 mm~2,35 mm10 x 100SD102090
~155 μl~50 I.U.~100 mm~2,35 mm10 x 100SD102100
~185 μl~50 I.U.~120 mm~2,35 mm10 x 100SD102120
~100 μl~100 I.U.~90 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100SD101091
~110 μl~100 I.U.~100 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100SD101104
~130 μl~100 I.U.~120 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100SD101122
~80 μl~100 I.U.~54 mm~1,90 mm10 x 100SD102118
~115 μl~100 I.U.~78 mm~1,90 mm10 x 100SD102117
~150 μl~100 I.U.~100 mm~1,90 mm10 x 100SD102116
~170 μl~100 I.U.~100 mm~2,00 mm10 x 100SD105107

* DB = dispenser box
* CB = cardboard box

Analyser Type ManufacturerRecommended Blood Gas Capillaries
from SC - Sanguis Counting
GEM4000 IL102116102117102118105107
8 XXRadiometer101122101122--
9x SerieRadiometer101122101122--
8x SerieBayer / Siemens-102120--
12xx SerieBayer / Siemens-102120--
B21Roche COBAS-101180--