General Laboratory Supplies

Products for general laboratory use which are not intended for dedicated in vitro diagnostic examinations according to Art 1 sentence 3a of the IVDR. Therefore, these products are not subject to CE marking

Transfer Plastic Capillaries plain

Capillary volumePreparationLengthOuter øPackaging pcs.Packed inREF
~50 µlplain~75 mm~1,75 mm10 x 100Dispenser box106075
~80 μlplain~100 mm~1,65 mm10 x 100Dispenser box104111
~115 μlplain~78 mm~1.95 mm10x100Dispenser box102017

Transfer Plastic Capillaries end-to-end with measurement function

The measurement actuary of the plastic capillaries end-to-end has a variation coefficient (CV) of <1%


DescriptionCapillary volumeColour codingLengthPackaging pcsREF neutral
End-to-end plastic capillaries5 μlwhite~30 mm10 x 100100006
20 μlblack~30 mm10 x 100100022

Mixing Magnet

DescriptionPackaging pcsREF
Autoclavable Mixing Magnet1110080

Mixing magnet for mixing of collected blood samples

Capillary Holder

DescriptionPackaging pcsREF
Holder for plastic capillaries end-to-end 55 mm1110000

Protection of staff against infection risk by using the holder for plastic capillaries