Capillary Blood Collection System

Sample container for blood collection, storage and dispense of capillary blood samples from the human body for in vitro diagnosis

Capillary Blood Collection Systems are the ideal combination for taking blood samples using an application-specific specimen cup

The system uses an integrated end-to-end capillary to measure out the required blood volume

The specimen cup and plastic capillary are reagent-treated in accordance with the purpose of the analysis to improve sample stability

The use of unbreakable plastic material reduces the risk of infection of patient and user

The two-in-one vessel with click-clack closure combines collection and storage, thus avoiding contamination and loss of volume

Each vessel is explicitly marked with the respective production lot and expiry date

The geometry of the interior of the vessel facilitates the extraction of small blood volumes

The exterior shape of the vessel makes it high connective

Suitable for preparing blood samples for haematological and other clinical diagnostic examinations

The click-clack closure ensures safe handling during the whole sampling process

Thanks to its optimized construction, no blood can escape from the collection system

The interior surface is treated with application-specific coating to optimise the use of samples

A colour code of the closures simplifies identification of the application type

Available in source coding based on EN 14820 or DIN ISO 6710

Specification colour codeEN 14820DIN ISO 6710
Citrate – ESR-black

The special closure construction allows an automatic sample processing without the need of opening the sample container

Capillary volumePreparation for haematology determinationColour code internationalREF
~75 μlEDTA-K3pink650715
~150 μlEDTA-K3pink651515
~200 μlEDTA-K3pink652015
Capillary volumePreparation for haematology determinationColour code EuropeanREF
~150 μlEDTA-K3red701515
~200 μlEDTA-K3red702015
Capillary volumePreparation for haematology determinationColour code EuropeanREFColour code internationalREF
~100 μlEDTA-K2red671005lilac681005
~200 μlEDTA-K2red672005lilac682005
~250 μlEDTA-K2--lilac682505
Capillary volumePreparation Clotting activator for serum collectionColour code EuropeanREFColour code internationalREF
~250 μlSerumwhite672502red682502