Blood Gas Sampling System

Blood Gas Sampling System

In vitro diagnostic medical device for arterial blood collection for pH/blood gas, oximetry, electrolyte and metabolite analysis

The use of liquid electrolyte-compensated heparin secures the optimum quality of blood gas samples during specimen collection.

The basic version of the blood gas collection system contains an average dosage of balanced heparin ~ 50 I.U. /ml blood. Other heparin concentrations are available on request.

Compatible with all common blood gas analyser types.
Unbreakable for maximum safety and efficient blood collection.

Available in different volumes of 1 ml or 2 ml as a Luer Slip variant.

Also available as a Luer Lock version with 2 ml volume and the proven security turn-lock cap.

The use of the SC-AUTOSTOP-cap with the 1 ml version enables to vent the collected sample contamination-free.

Individually wrapped in sterile blister packaging.

~50 I.U. elektrolyte-compensated heparin Luer-Slip2 ml503999599
~50 I.U. elektrolyte-compensated heparin Luer-Slip1 ml50999017
~50 I.U. elektrolyte-compensated heparin Luer-Lock2 ml503999598
System pack with AUTOSTOP-cap ConnectionVolumePackaging
~50 I.U. electrolyte-compensated heparin
with AUTOSTOP-cap
Luer-Slip1 ml50999019