Blood Gas Sampling System (sterile)

In vitro Diagnostic Medical Device for arterial blood collection with anticoagulant, Sample container for the collection, storage and dispensing of blood samples from the human body for subsequent pH/blood gas, oximetry, electrolyte and metabolite analyses

Prepared Blood Gas Sampling System with Luer closure cap

Safeguarded optimal sample quality during sample collection via the use of liquid electrolyte-compensated heparin

High connectivity to blood gas/ISE analyser thanks to standardized connectors

Safe and efficient sample collection due to unbreakable materials

Available in various volumes sizes of 1 ml or 2 ml as Luer-slip or Luer-lock versions

Contamination-free deaeration of the collected sample in combination with the Luer AUTOSTOP cap

Ensured sterility via the single-use application-orientated packaging

PreparationConnectionVolumePackaging pcs.REF
~50 I.U. Lithium-HeparinLuer-Slip1-2 ml503999503
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Slip1 ml50999017
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Slip1-2 ml503999599
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Lock1 ml50999020
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Lock1-2 ml503999598
~80 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Slip1-2 ml503999594
~80 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Lock1-2 ml503999597
~50 I.U. electrolyte-compensated heparin with Luer AUTOSTOP capLuer slip1 ml50999019
~50 I.U. electrolyte-compensated heparin with Luer AUTOSTOP capLuer slip1-2 ml503999591