Blood Gas Sampling System (sterile)

In vitro diagnostic medical device, sample container for arterial blood collection, storage and dispense of blood samples from the human body for subsequent pH/blood gas, oximetry, electrolyte and metabolite analysis

The use of liquid electrolyte compensated heparin secures the optimum quality of blood gas samples during specimen collection

Standardised connections facilitate compatibility with blood gas analysers

Use of unbreakable plastic ensures safe and efficient blood collection

Available in different volumes of 1 ml or 2 ml as a Luer-Slip or Luer-Lock version

The use of the AUTOSTOP-Cap enables sample deaeration without contamination

Individually wrapped in sterile, user-orientated blister packaging

PreparationConnectionVolumePackaging pcs.REF
~50 I.U. Lithium-HeparinLuer-Slip1-2 ml503999503
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Slip1 ml50999017
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Slip1-2 ml503999599
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Lock1 ml50999020
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Lock1-2 ml503999598
~80 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Slip1-2 ml503999594
~80 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparinLuer-Lock1-2 ml503999597
System pack with AUTOSTOP-CapConnectionVolumePackaging pcs.REF
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparin with AUTOSTOP-CapLuer-Slip1 ml50999019
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparin with AUTOSTOP-CapLuer-Slip1-2 ml503999591
Blood gas sampling system without death
ConnectionVolumePackaging pcs.REF
~50 I.U. electrolyte compensated heparin without death volumeLuer-Slip1 ml50999007