In vitro diagnostic medical device as an accessory for plastic capillaries and blood gas sampling systems, for use after collection and/or dispensing of blood samples from the human body for subsequent in vitro diagnostic analyses

Avoided inadvertent rolling of filled blood gas capillaries thanks to the special shape of the six-edge closing caps

Cap size identification by a simple colour coding system

Optimized tightness of filled capillaries due to conic inside shape of the closing caps

Compatible with the outer diameters of all our plastic capillaries for blood gas sampling

DescriptionPackaging pcsREF
Six-edge Closing Caps for plastic capillaries for blood gas with outer Ø 1.6 - 1.9 mm, natural colour500110180
Six-edge closing caps for plastic capillaries for blood gas with outer Ø 2.0 – 2.4 mm, lilac500110181

High connectivity to blood gas/ISE analyser thanks to various adaptor types

Clot catcher for analysis device protection

DescriptionPackaging pcsREF
Universal-Luer-Adaptor with clot-catcher500960994
Capillary-Luer-Adaptor with clot-catcher500960998

Magnetic stainless-steel mixing sticks can be used with all plastic blood gas capillaries

Packaged in resealable dispenser boxes each containing 500 mixing sticks

Autoclavable mixing magnet for mixing of collected blood samples

DescriptionPackaging pcsREF
Sterile single-use blood lancets
Manufacturer: Paul Marienfeld & Co. KG CE 0297
Mixing Sticks for plastic blood gas capillaries
0,7 x 15 mm
Mixing Sticks for plastic blood gas capillaries
0,7 x 9 mm
Autoclavable Mixing Magnet1110080

The practical Capillary Holder avoids direct contact of personnel with the plastic capillary and the blood sample

DescriptionPackaging pcsREF
Capillary Holder for plastic capillaries end-to-end 55 mm1110000

De-aeration of the arterial blood sample without contamination by the use of Luer-AUTOSTOP-Cap

DescriptionPackaging pcsREF