A-K-FIX Blood Sampler for Blood Gas sterile

In vitro Diagnostic Medical Device for arterial or capillary blood collection with anticoagulant, Sample container for the collection and dispensing of blood samples from the human body for subsequent pH/blood gas, oximetry, electrolyte and metabolite analyses

Automated stop of blood flow at completed capillary volume by AUTOSTOP cap (orange)

Complete filling of the capillary merely by venous pressure

Optimal coagulation inhibition by evenly applied ~100 I.U./ml lithium heparin (balanced) coating

Minimum level of gas permeability ensured by the use of chemically neutral plastic

Protection of user and patient ensured by the use of unbreakable material

High connectivity to blood gas analysers and systems thanks to standardized connectors

DescriptionVolumeSizePackaging pcs.REF
A-K-FIX with Luer slip connector,
incl. Luer closing cap,
sterile, single packed
~230 μl~2,33 x 131 mm50191202
A-K-FIX with Luer slip connector,
with suction nozzle, including Luer closing cap,
sterile, single packed
~230 μl~1,75 x 131 mm50191220

Recommended single-use needle for A-K-FIX

DescriptionColourSizePackaging pcs.REF
Needles for single use, sterile, single packed
Manufacturer: Henke-Sass-Wolf GmbH CE 2797
blue0,60 x 25 mm
23Gx1“ Nr. 16

Capillary-Set sterile

Plastic capillaries for blood gas, including 2 closing caps, sterile, single packed

DescriptionVolumeSizePackaging pcs.REF
~50 I.U. / ml lithium heparin (balanced)~250 μl~2,33 x 296 mm10181000
~100 I.U. / ml lithium heparin (balanced)~115 μl~1,95 x 78 mm50182116
~100 I.U. /ml lithium heparin (balanced)~140 μl~1,75 x 116 mm50182117