Blood gas sampling systems and plastic capillaries for blood sampling
We produce blood sampling systems, plastic capillaries and other blood sampling devices for the medical technology sector. Our capillary blood sampling systems and blood gas sampling systems are suitable principally in blood sampling for small patients and for those with poor veins.

Supplementing our medical technology products, we offer you a comprehensive range of accessories for blood sampling.

For comprehensive information about our product range, our product catalogue is available as a download. We are more than happy to answer your questions either on the telephone or using our contact form.

Capillary Blood Collection System

A-K-FIX Blood Gas Sampling System sterile

Plastic Capillaries end-to-end

ESR Capillary Blood Collection System

Plastic Capillaries for Blood Gas

Blood Gas Sampling System (sterile)

Accessories for Plastic Capillaries and Blood Gas Sampling Systems